Monday, 7 October 2019

For A Few Dollars More...stage 18...Sorbas to Calahonda

Yeah, just a standard beautiful sunrise shot. How nice must it be to know that the wevva will be nailed-on fantastic?
Breakfast was er, a minimalist affair at my er, minimalist acco, so I was glad to see a Repsol after ten miles or so.
If I could've waited a few miles, then this would've fit the bill.
Of more concern than food (no, really), was whether the N-340a that shadows the AutoVia was a proper road, unlike yesterday's lunacy.

There was some old lad who was walking the other way, and I asked him if the surface was good to Almeria? Si, si. No idea how he knew me, just answer the question, old-timer! I could've kissed him: he did move off a bit lively, hah-hah!
Now *this* is how Camino Vias should be.
This area was where Leone chose to film the exteriors for some of his 'Spaghetti Westerns' too: not that much of a stretch to see Lee Van Cleef fixing some poor sod with a steely stare, hah-hah!
Fantastic, hah-hah!
From there navigation was about as straightforward as it could be- go through Almeria and turn right when you see Da Med!

The nature of the N-340 is that it'll take you through some awful towns and industry and commerce with all of the traffic that goes with it, but then it reels you back in by dropping down to the coast and making you grin...
Someone did well to put it down there.

Could've walked right in- who luvs ya, baby!

Not a massive fan of tunnels via bike- no dramas though.

Smooth surface, loadsa room, view...this'll do, thanks.

Yup, I'm sure that someone, somewhere must know what it means?
As I said, the N-340 routes alongside the motorway for stretches...there was one unfortunate occasion when our road was moving and the grown-ups were not.
Looked worse than it was, walking wounded thankfully.
I had no acco booked for tonight but the plan (yeah, right) was to steal as many miles as I felt good for and see where that landed us. Just like Team Ineos, innit? Cofidis, more like, hah-hah!
Old school vs new school.

Aah, Granada land!

Too many bridges? Thought so.

Love the Positive Mental Attitude, hah-hah!
Funny old thing was that every small town or village or whatever, was water, no food. Miles were ticking by and it's always on your mind, trying to make your best guess how long you can keep on keeping on. Have no doubt, if things got desperate then I would knock on some poor sod's door and ask for a drop!
The coastal climbs are 100% worth the effort. Blimey.

See above.

Who you kidding?

This was right beside the hotel that Google told me was available. Yep, closed for the season. Still, it looks nice, doesn't it?
And the view from tonight's acco: the not at all shabby Hotel El Ancla in the magnificently monikered, Calahonda!
So that's another ton done, we're a bit nearer to the finish line and for that my knee is rejoicing. As am I for the terrific donations...'stuck record' time I realise but it's true. Good on you all.
Today's stats! Alright, a gnat's todger shy of a ton but I ain't riding around the car-park just to get that, hah-hah!
How great are these movies?

Right then, wagon rolls early-doors tomorrow again I hope...cheers y good-night!