Friday, 4 October 2019

Chiquitita...stage 15...Santa Magdalena de Polpis to Xativa

Despite the surroundings, I had a decent 6 hours sleep...still, not liking the alarm going-off and signalling the start of it all again, hah-hah!
Boom- here we go again!
Breakfast was minimal so I was glad of a stop at a nearby Repsol for a sandwich and the always needed bananas. Funny how I hardly eat the blighters except when on the bike!
It's either growing stuff or cement factories in Spain, as far as I can make out. #incisive

One when nobody was around.

Lovely to see that Keith Deller has diversified.

Mildly conflicting messages.

Ah, more on point!
For once, progress was where it oughta be (savour this) and I was approaching Valencia before too long. This was always going to be tricky, and it didn't disappoint. took ages!

Harsh- we're giving it everything!

And I thought it was Grange Hill. D'oh!

I only leaned the YP on one- leg it!

Ah, the old service road ploy. Not to be trusted!

Valencia have out-agged the Headhunters!
Valencia does have a network of cycle lanes but like Barca, they go close to civilians and also don't run all over where you need them to. It was stop-start, look-out, dear me, but it got done. Eventually.
No idea but it looked great.

100% recommended emergency boost.
As ever, if you're in a motor then it's easy to get on track: with bikes there's twists and turns before you can get a groove going. Anyway, I hope to revisit Valencia and see it slow-time, some time...

By the way, I tried a white chocolate Magnum this aft: my word, they're the business.
Oh Google- don't let me down now!
Tired and all that, I took the decision to try for Xativa as the wind direction would help...although my knee was tired and a bit miffed, it didn't seem any worse, so I hope that we're all back onside tomorrow. No guarantees, that's understood.
The view from tonight's acco. When I arrive I get Acorn Antiques on reception, hah-hah!
As usual, it's a race to get things done and then get out for food. Turns out Xativa are celebrating Oktoberfest. No, I'm not making this up. So I'll just head on back to my hotel shall I? Oh good, hah-hah!
Enjoy it you rascals!
Wot we dun today!
You're probably sick of me telling you how great and generous you are, but it's true.

Just one more item then...the tune of the dia!
If pop music is allowed genius, then have some!

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Good night!