Thursday, 3 October 2019

You Really Got Me...stage 14...Calafell to Santa Magdalena de Polpis

Cosy, innit?
My hotel was just too nice to leave at an early (read: sensible) hour...this wasn't helped by having to wait ages for a lift. Way too many Gallic OAPs going to/fro demolishing breakfast!

Thinking about it, some of them were only about 10 years older than me...
Could have stayed here all day!
So today's strife was at least half of my own making, setting-off at 8.30am! As ever, there would be the standard Google Maps faff, ahem...
The panniers did just fit: maybe Google is smarter than we know?
It soon became apparent that my hoped-for tailwind had not arrived- instead I got to know his unhelpful cousin.

You don't need a weatherman etc...
I can't go much slower and remain upright, hah-hah!
So that was the pattern for the rest of the day: take your medicine!
What- no horse riding permitted on motorways...since when?

I spent a few of those kms on the N-340 today. Perfunctory. So there.

They all count.
So the afternoon was about taking regular stops, both to rest the knee and to keep on top of rehydration and food. Oh yeah, and get a bit of shade too...
Double-use from drink refills. Coke & water = muy bien!

The Springfield tyre compound still smouldering away.

Today's route wound inland a tad so it was a thrill to see El Medo again.

They're mad for bonsai around these parts.
I was glad to see the 100 mile-mark appear as it had been a slog. I started to see what accommodation options were around, not least because it had gone 6pm and did not fancy another 13 miles to Torreblanca, so decided to give this place in the middle of nowhere a whirl...the price was right at 15€!

The view from tonight's acco. Basic.
Get this- they're glued to a 'Poirot' re-run. With subtitles! Apparently Dave Suchet has God-like status in this neck of the woods...
This was about 8pm: there's about 25 in now. Loud as!
I've cancelled all my remaining acco bookings, except the Gibraltar hotel. That one I have changed to stay one day less in order to free-up one more time on the road. Looks like it will be all that and a bag of potato chips!

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Today's yardage!
One more item of business...and then good night folks!
Go on Dave!