Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Ninety-Nine And A Half (Won't Do)...stage 6...Ouistreham to Fougeres

Up and out for 7.30am (still a bit dark) to see Sword Beach: I didn't realise just how close it was. Despite movies like 'Saving Private Ryan', I still can't imagine what it was like, We owe them.
Sword Commandos memorial.

Impossible to imagine?
And then onto me shifting from Ouistreham down to Fougeres: on point as ever, the rain started.
Ducks weren't bovvered!
It was a slow-ish drag outta Ouistreham and Caen, but then it was into the country...
Basically saying 'Thank You' for liberation.
It was another struggle today, with continuous climbs and descents and an undesirable wind direction. I believe that I may have mentioned this once before?
You ain't stopping me! Mainly on account of dodgy brakes.

Top engineering.
The nature of this rural route was that any village shops were shut: as the clock ticked, this became more of an issue as my levels dropped. However, then this...
Amelie was The Best. All bike stops oughta be like this!
Post-pizza-ish luncheon I set about things again. Time passed, hairstyles change, mortgage rates fluctuated but still I was stupidly slow. The weather closed in unfortunately, hence the lack of photos from the last half of it.
That's about how long it took me to get here, pal.
So not quite a cake-walk, all told: we'll see what nonsense tomorrow brings. Oh yeah- thanks a bundle for the latest are all fantastic folk!

No Sir- it won't at all!

Fair dos, it doesn't look like much, hah-hah!
It's massive to see a couple of donations roll-in each day...thank you big-time. Now get to bed!