Thursday, 26 September 2019

Don't Stop...stage 7...Fougeres to Cholet

Okay, let's go to Cholet! I've abandoned looking at weather forecasts, so we'll see what we get. Hmm...similar to the last few days, although precipitation-wise nothing worse than a squall or two, so that's a bonus.
Hang on, mate- like you've any other choice!
The kind of surface makes a difference too: country roads and villages have their charm, but sometimes smooth tarmac rules!
Mate- if you've faked your own death, this is hardly gonna guarantee anonymity, is it?
Things were trundling along okay. Up ahead, there was car parked outside a house backing very slowly to the road and then stopped- I was sure that the driver had clocked me or wasn't gonna anything daft.

As I begin to pass it, the motor reverses straight off the pavement- I could see it happening so floored-it as best as I could but its bumper contacted with my pannier. good job that I remained upright and also that I had my MacBook on the other side.
A wee bit bent in...otherwise sound!
Nice momento of the occasion- some of his manky bumper paint!
The driver was a bloke about 40 or so: I said that he oughta regardez where he was going...that was about the best that I could muster! The insouciant berk didn't even bother to get out of his car.

In the event, no real harm I think, although the impact did bend the pannier rack in slightly. Still, rather that than my leg. He waited until I was happy that there was nothing more to be done (Del Boy Franglais or not) and then promptly sodded-off!
Meh- dugs in cycling! Due to a knee protesting un peu, I resorted to this.
More expert lens work. Colours were ace though!
Time was marching of course and even though my food/re-fuelling strategy was way better then yesterday's (read: more luck than judgement), I was glad when this place rolled into view...
I heart boulangers!
The shop was immaculate and the owner talked ten-to-the-dozen at me in French (the outrage, etc.) whilst serving me some brilliant grub. It was a sort of pizza-ish thing that even outshone yesterday's stellar effort!
Listen- I don't know what the names are, I just eat it!
After I rolled out, it wasn't too long before a diversion added all kinds of faff and nause. Not what's required.
Added a few bonus miles. No really, you shouldn't have.
The upside was that I got to cycle past this:
My old TdF mucker, Mental Marc. Bon!
Speak of the this year's TdF!
It took a bit of sorting to get back to where we should have been, but then it was a case of trundling in to Cholet, and it was a bit of a a drag...
Without the diversion, I would have missed Grugé-L'Hôpital,

Also available in yellow, etc...

No, not tonight's acco. Mine's an Ibis Budget. Brilliant!
Was quite pleased to see Cholet arrive: it had been another awkward one. Unfortunately I don't that changing anytime soon. One day at a time, eh? Tonight's hotel is the best yet: massive room on the ground floor, bike in room, decent wi-fi and it's quiet. Thank you!
It did exactly wot it sez on the tin!

Eminently agreeable. Cheers!

As seen in the restaurant. A strong look, that.
Usual sign-off: we'll see what tomorrow brings...thank you for the unbelievable donations...please share this if you can. All still meant though, folks. The totals are fantastic and so are you!
Still sounds a million $s!

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