Monday, 23 September 2019

Stupidity...stage 4...Calais to Dieppe

So we're dans France...get in! Early kick-off, and Calais looks no lovelier than any other large town on a drizzly and windy Monday morn.
Old town Calais not so bad: the rest though...
Last time I stayed in the Hotel Victoria in 2014, the manageress asked me where I was headed. When I told her, she shook her head disapprovingly and said something to the effect that I'd never make it. There was no malice, honestly.

Fast forward five years and she asks me again, and when I say Dieppe is the destination she grimaces and says "Non...too far!". You gotta laugh, right? Visionary, as it turns out...
Grippy surfaces, windy...any more excuses? Give me a second, hah-hah!
Standard stop-start nav faff behaviour ahoy, before eventually passing through a village with a super market (not *that* super) that was open...breakfast is served!
So much produce being grown here.

You'll see there ain't a bicycle on there. At my speeds they oughta charge rent...
It wasn't until I got onto the D940 (I think) that things improved un peu, not least because it has a properly maintained cycle path with trees that give you a bit of shelter. It also brought me past Etaples Military Cemetery- the largest CWGC cemetery in France. To be honest, I had no idea that it was on the route. It was as immaculate as you'd hope.
Speechless at seeing this.
I stayed on the D940 (was never as kind again!) as long as see some sights!
Etaples harbour.

Complete and utter.

Autumn is here!

These guys overtook me- not difficult- full of goodwill!

Everyone stops for these loons. And they know it!

Dear me...
Early on in the day I resigned myself that it was gonna go on for quite a while, and it was another slog- I rolled into Dieppe about 7.30pm.
Hello Dieppe!
 Usual admin done, then it's out to find a restaurant...and relax! We'll see how tomorrow goes...
Such a great number!
Where we bin, wot we dun!
Before I drop-off (oh, you beat me to it), a great big thank you to everyone who has donated/sponsored: you're tremendous people!