Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Ooby Dooby...stage 12...Laval to Girona

Hurrah- straight into it!
Up, up and away from Laval slow-time, and on the way to Girona. The first climb wasn't too vicious, thankfully...wheezed-up there and by then the sun had risen and boom, what a scene!
Not too much traffic either.

Er, that does look an awful like another climb!

Early-doors bridge work: I'd be bombing down it in a minute.

Alright, it's no big fish but all the same these things need to be recorded. Now leave it!
I stopped at a small village to get a couple of bananas and raid the boulangerie as per. That's one difference about this (eastern) side of The Pyrenees, there seems to be a tad more civilisation...good news as the flawless skies meant the temperature would hit the 30s, so it's water and food, water and food...
If Carlsberg did roads.

And today in Bridgewatch. pt.1...

No. No mountains thanks. Or challenges either, you silly people.

This pair sailed past me but they did give it the old "There's no chance that idiot is making it, hah-hah!". Nah, plenty of chapeau/courage/defibrillator chat. Excellent!

Alright, only a tiddler but they all count.
Er, are those speed-bumps in the distance anything to do with this?

Bridgework, pt.2!
Thing the battery indication was optimistic, hah-hah!
A quick and final McDs dans France (free water, you're welcome...merci!) before the climb up and then descent across the border. Felt pretty good, after all the shenanigans so far!
Remembered to change over the inaccurate Google translations. hah-hah!

Buenas tardes...get in!
 Even though you're still on the same stretch of tarmac, the names change...
The old N-11 does go on a bit, no?
Today I got three beeps and/or shouts of encouragement! One was from a more portly version of Noddy Holder, driving an ancient Citroen AX. Takes all sorts, hah-hah! All welcome.
Fair enough.

Just in case it doesn't work out for him at City. Smart.

Bit previous surely- we're only just over the border!

A flyover was about the only place to get shade. Only 20 miles left...
No real drama on the  way in to the hotel...it's a basic nombre and it's showering facilities work as they ought to: you listening, Choice Hotels?
Tonight's winning view from the hotel bedroom window.

There's a few of these colours around.

Some sort of remembrance parade. Or something. I dunno. Catalans innit?

Chose Italiano again...muy bueno as it goes. Cheers y goodnight!
The knee felt a little bit better today, thankfully. We're still deep in 'one day at a time' territory of course: it's not worth wrecking myself for, I think we'd all agree. Er, wouldn't we...hello...anyone there, hah-hah!

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3) Here's where we were today...

A few more yards gained!
4) Check out this stormer from *the* most stellar cast of musos gathered together, all for Mr O.!

He was all that. Good night...