Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Long Time Comin'

Even though I thought of this challenge probably three months ago, it's funny how quickly it sneaks up on you- hell's bells, we'll be putting the clocks back soon enough! The totals are ticking over nicely and it is such a boost to see people dig deep yet again: it never ceases to amaze, so good on you.
Yep- especially you!
That's the 'Catch 22' aspect of fundraising: you want to make the whole shebang worthwhile, but equally you really do not want to annoy people by continual or overbearing harassment. You only hope that you fall *just* on the right side of that line, hah-hah!

As the start-time draws closer, you remember how previous trips have gone- both the good stuff and the things that didn't go quite as intended, but you had blocked-out, hah-hah! I think we're talking 50% dread, 50% excitement. Add another 10% for nonsense.
How I think I should warm-up for each stage...

Versus the reality.
Speaking of breakfast, you might remember that I heartily endorse the yellow arches of McDonalds- specifically their oatmeal/porridge concoction...alright, and their Sausage McMuffin. Might as well add in a hash brown while we're at it, rude not to. Anyway, I saw this news item online earlier this week:
Wot, no McDs?
In a cold sweat I immediately checked my route for Saturday: in the event, no re-route required thankfully...
McDs are sod-all use in France and Spain, regrettably: there, the concept of fast food seems to have passed most franchises by, so there won't be a daily visit like we had in the US!

This is based on my experience, not least during the trip that we made in 2010 *from* Gibraltar to the UK. That was quite an experience and I am in the debt of Mr Tony Cersell who dreamt-up, organised and supported the venture.
Tony wondering where on earth we've got to, hah-hah!
You can almost see the hangovers, hah-hah!
Was ok in parts!
Other times, not so much!
It was a good bunch that he drew together: the daily distance, the heat, the terrain, the (sometimes) dodgy accommodation and the inventive culinary adventures all contributed to making it a real test.
The mild bunch, celebrating in Gib before we've turned a pedal.
We made it back in one piece to the official finish in Buckingham, and it was a terrific reception. Tony managed to rope in his local MP to say a few warm words: one John Bercow! Whatever happened to him then?
Of course for a couple of foolhardy (read 'stupid') souls, that wasn't the end of the road...I was cycling on up to the North West and Andy decided to do likewise. Think you know glamour? Try Stoke in the rain! Anyway, the whole ride raised a tidy sum for some worthwhile causes...well played T. & Co.!
So that was then...I'd better wrap this up and get back to packing and re-packing and faffing.

Before I do, there was some sad but unfortunately not unexpected news today: the former professional footballer, Mr Fernando Ricksen passed away in a hospice in Ayrshire at the age of 43. Fernando had been diagnosed with MND in 2013.
"The sports world could put more pressure on the pharmaceutical companies," Mr Ricksen said. "This disease is not lucrative enough so it has no priority. If tomorrow an MND epidemic came we would have a cure within a week. It's disgusting but a reality."
 Thinking of his family and friends...
Listen- I'm on this and 2999 others!