Sunday, 29 September 2019

For The Heart...stage 10...Marmande to Toulouse

You know that saying, "Take one day at a time"? Newsflash I know, although it's been pretty obvious that that's been the script for a few days now, due to me getting a bit of aggro from my knees.

So it's been a case of trying to not make it any worse, so with that in mind I decided to change tonight's destination to Toulouse, as there was a longer mileage but a lot less climbing needed. Ah well, since when were these tours ever set in stone?
Bit of Henry Moore early doors. Could be his brother Roger, for all I know.

They do go for this a lot. Good job too.
As you can see, this was the first day of unblemished skies- get in! The plan was to stay on the D815 for as long the event what did I do? That's right, accepted the idea of a re-route to take in a canal-side cycle path. I'm now questioning my own sanity after all that Google Maps have done to me, hah-hah!
Another jour, another er, bridge.

When I eventually found it, the surface was okay!

Punters jollying it up on a Sunday. Not jealous really. At all.

The final stretch before I rejoined the D815 in Agen. Extraordinary!
It was time for luncheon by now so by luck there was a branch of mine and everyone's favourite Scottish restaurant not too far away. Aware that time was tight, I didn't stay long but I asked the assistant if she could fill up my water bottles, please. Nah, no can do Chief. Have a bon journee!

Compare and contrast to another (and so far, all) McDs 20 miles up the road: absolutely yes and would you like ice in them too? Maybe pathetic, but it's the little things sometimes...
Lovely to be back in Staffordshire, hah-hah!

Hated the things then and nowt has changed. Otherwise a quality roundabout!
Because the day was essentially flat, there was little drama from the knee department which was ace.
The ice feels soooooo good...
Nah, instead the fairly unwelcome new problem was in the form of a loose spoke on the back wheel- the one that carries all the weight, pretty much. I thought things had gotten a tad more *flexible* than usual, hah-hah! It's possible that the minor sideways shunt the other day had something to do with it?
All together now: "You don't know what you're doing!"
By a miracle I do carry a spoke key, so tightened it okay, but my problem is now that the wheel needs to be trued a bit, i.e. it is a little bit wonky from side-to-side. Of course I have no idea about how to do this, but that's where The Internet can help. I hope...
Oh come on- there was no way that I wasn't making a u-turn to snap that!

And in 'Advertising Today'...
The final 15 miles into Toulouse were a bit lively as you'd expect but no issues. The hotel is an omni-shambles unfortunately, preferring what looks good over what actually works for the guest. Never mind, Saigon in a few hours to a new destination!
Italiano grub ce soir. Was terrific!
So we've stolen a few more yards today: hoping for similar tomorrow. Once again, I can't thank you generous so-an-so's enough...the totals are immense and really appreciated by the causes. In case you wonder whether they notice, I can answer yes indeed they do.

Latter-day Regality: helluva tune...

Today's travels...
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...and a bit of breaking news that Sky, BBC & ITN have missed...they have found Bernie Clifton's skeleton. Bon nuit!