Monday, 30 September 2019

Fame...stage 11...Toulouse to Laval

What, 14€ for a measly breakfast? You can do one, Quality Hotel Toulouse and just for that I'm gonna have another shower and flood the bathroom again, hah-hah! Yeah, safe to say that we won't be exchanging cards this season...

Joking aside, I felt a bit done-in this morn. The very thought of negotiating Toulouse traffic was not entirely appealing. I also knew that today's stage was planned to be under-the-ton, so there was a decision pending: add-on the extra miles to round-up to a century, or take the advantage of an earlier finish in anticipation of what awaits in the days to come?
Once away from the centre of Toulouse, this is the business!

Heading south: you keep on this for about 15 miles or so. No traffic. Except joggers.
I stopped at a Spar around the corner from my hotel and got a couple of bananas: this would tide me over until a boulanger stop in a couple of hours.

The overriding concern (apart from my less-than-true rear wheel and Palace's over-reliance on Zaha ) was my was uncomfortable with any real effort. Good job then that today was not a vertical day!
The Pharmacist recommended a blast of this gear too!
I stopped-off to ask a Pharmacist if she had any remedies for a dodgy knee...heroin, perhaps? She said I've got something even finer, and it doesn't involve a needle or a spoon, or listening to any Nico LPs! Result- we'll give it the Voltarol a go, then.
Purely medicinal, you understand. Later, defo...
Er, hang on- is it getting a bit lumpy in the distance, or what?

Enjoy the downhill bits while they last i.e. never long enough.
I decided to pull the pin on today's efforts once I reached Laval: no er, mileage in riding around purely to get another century. I have done in excess a few times already, and if things hold-out I'll do a bit more soon enough.
Quick lunch-break: Lennon was right- what you need is in Limoux!
It was about 4.30pm when I reached Le Waystation, which is a rental property...this was officially their last day of the season!

It's run by Lee and Dani Harris: Lee used to manage The Blockheads but now plays lead guitar in 'Nick Mason's Saucerful Of Secrets', so there's plenty of music nonsense to yak about, hah-hah!

Really, it was brilliant to have some 'home' comforts- not least Dani washing my makes a big difference, believe it or not.  Thank you for your hospitality, guys- and for your donation...nice one.
The view from tonight's superb acco: thank you for the roast chicken, Dani!
So there we are, self-preservation, if not common sense won-out. I hope that this continues for a while yet...good night.

Still a class number.

A few more yards gained...we'll make-up the difference soon enough.
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